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There are some really random things here,
In fact so random some prices are just make an offer

Emagic AMT8

Nobels MV-C

The MV-C is a 2 channel MIDI controlled volume control, which allows any stereo (or two mono channels) to be controlled by MIDI.

Requires a 9v DC power supply (not included)

£ 35

Under Construction

Lots more to come …

Nobels MVC front Nobels MVC back

Nobels Pre-C

The Pre-C is a compact single channel pre-amp with 3 band EQ.

Requires a 9v DC power supply (not included)

£ 35

Nobels Mix-42C

The Mix42-C is a compact 4 into 2 mixer, with level and pan controls, along with a master level.

Requires a 9v DC power supply (not included)

£ 35

Nobels PreC Nobels PreC back Nobela Mix42C front Nobels Mix42C front Stock Cleatrance Sale Stock Cleatrance Sale

Midiman Smartsync

The Syncman is a tape synchronizer, using Smart Midi Song Position pointers.

Requires a 9v DC power supply (not included)

£ 35

£ 149

Midiman Smartsync

Ex Display

Kam Star Cluster Micro

The Star Cluster Micro, is a micro size laser light effect, complete with remote control and mini tripod

£ 39

Ex Display

Kam Mini Star Cluster Mini

Numark DJio

The DJio is a mono in , stereo out, 24-Bit (88KHz max) audio interface.
It has it’s own ASIO driver (downloadable from the Numark website),

powered from USB.

£ 29

Second Hand

Numark DJio front Numark DJio back

Stagg Egg Maracas

The Stagg Egg maracas “Yellow” is a 45g  weight, the greater weight gives a perceived lower pitch.

Supplied as a pair.

£ 2.50

Stagg Egg Maracas

The Stagg Egg maracas “Green” is a 35g  weight, the greater weight gives a perceived lower pitch.

Supplied as a pair.

£ 2.50

Stagg Egg Maracas Yellow Stagg Egg Maracas Green

Dixon Tone Block

The Dixon PRWB-SL Tone block  is a plastic block, complete with integral mounting bracket.

The overall width is 16cm

£ 15

Guide to MIDI Orchestration

The Guide To MIDI Orchestration (3rd Edition), is a comprehensive 703 page text on using MIDI to create orchestrations with VST plug ins.

£ 20

Dixon Toneblock Guide To MIDI Orchestration

Alesis io26

Aleiss io26

26 in/out Firewire audio interface. 8 Mic Pre-amps and 16 channels of ADAT.

24 bit/192KHz

MIDI I/O,  S/Pdif digital i/o,

Turntable inpput

M-Audio Quattro

24 bit/96KHz audio interface

4 inputs / 4 outputs

MIDI in / out

USB interface

Edirol (Roland) UA20

USB Audio / MIDI interface
2 inputs/2 outputs
Digital optical output

MIDI input/output

£ 75

M-Audio Quattro

£ 75

Edirol UA20

Midiman Dman PCI

16 bit/48KHz audio interface

2 inputs /2 outputs

1 in / 1 out MIDI port

onboard GM sound set. PCI card.

(NOT Windows XP or later)

Midiman Dman 2044

20 bit/48KHz audio interface

4 inputs /4 outputs

(NOT Windows XP or later)

£ 25

£ 19

Midiman Dman Midiman Dman 2044

Midiman Winman 2x2

2 in / 2 out MIDI interface

ISA card slot

Windows 98 /ME only

Alesis Multimix 4 USB

•Four-channel mixer with USB stereo I/0
•Low-noise digital 16-bit, 44.1 kHz interface
•Four 1/4" line-level inputs, &  tape in/out
•Two XLR mic inputs with gains, HP filters,
and switchable 48V phantom power
•High-impedance guitar input
•Dual-band EQ on mic inputs
•Multicolor LED metering
•Main and headphone outputs  with independent level controls

£ 75

£ 10

Midiman Winman 2x2 Alesis Multimix 4 USB

8 in / 8 out MIDI interface

USB or Serial interface,

Not suitable for Windows 64-bit

Frontier Tranzport

Wireless remote controller for DAW’s

Not just a remote control but the screen on the Tranzport displays feedback info from the DAW

£ 99

Second Hand

All items NEW unless stated Second Hand

Frontier Tranzport

Dynasonic PDR-1

handheld compact audio recorder

16-bit / 44.1KHz recording

Uncompressed WAV or mp3 encoding

Built in stereo mics

Battery powered or AC adaptor

Windows 98 /ME only

Yamaha Pocketrak W24

ultra compact audio recorder

24-bit / 96KHz recording

Uncompressed or mp3 encoding

Built in high quality stereo mics

Battery powered up to 56 hours

Wireless remote control

Only weighs 92g

£ 129

£ 49

Dynasonic PDR1 Yamaha Pocketrak W24 Emagic AMT8

£ 95

Emagic AMT8 back

Boss RE20 Space Echo

Boss RE20

Roland RE201 Virtual Space Echo echo unit, including reverb

£ 175