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Roland Synths

37 note virtual analogue synth with effects, external inputs and arpeggiator.  
 64 note polyphonic.   128 memories (64 user)
Great-sounding analogue-modeling synth Ultra-EZ front panel is logically designed to teach the basics of synthesis External input for manipulating external audio from CD/MP3 players, etc. Built-in delay, reverb, and overdrive effects Arpeggiator adds instant rhythmic motion to sounds USB port for audio/MIDI connection to computer VSTi Editor software included for computer integration. Invisible infrared D Beam controller. Short recorder onboard to capture & loop performances and knob tweaking

controller and front-panel control knobs for expressive performance Mac/PC editing software included.



Roland GAIA  SH-01

Ex demo unit available  £1699

Roland Jupiter 80 Roland Gaia

Roland Jupiter 80

The JUPITER-80 is a live performance synth with advanced SuperNATURAL technology. It’s expressive, organic approach to synthesis makes a new world of sound design possible with multi-layered SuperNATURAL textures under the control of a colour touch screen and creative controllers.
•Powerful integrated SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for legendary vintage synth sounds to realistic organic acoustic sounds.
•Single Tone is equivalent to the performance of powerful single synthesizer—stack four of these to create a mind-blowing “Live Set”
•Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters in realtime for complex, emotive movement during performance
•Fast, friendly operation with intuitive panel and colour touch screen optimised for live performance
•76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, with up to 256 polyphonic voices
•USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks and audio capture
•Easy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface


The SYSTEM-1 not only sounds amazing, but it also has a totally innovative design with performance ready controls, quality construction, and a dizzying array of lights and knobs and sliders.

Roland Aira System 1

Roland System 1


Roland System 1 Back

Previously, the only avenue to an authentic piano sound and touch was a large, heavy, and hard-to-carry keyboard. Now, with the RD-64 Digital Piano, stage and studio players can enjoy Roland’s acclaimed piano features in a compact, travel-friendly instrument. SuperNATURAL Piano technology powers ultra-expressive acoustic piano tones, while the 64-note Ivory Feel-G keyboard provides a true weighted-action playing feel. Also onboard is a selection of SuperNATURAL-based vintage EPs, plus essential clav and organ tones. Controller mode instantly turns the RD-64 into a flexible MIDI master keyboard, with a special one-touch setup that unlocks the SuperNATURAL sound potential in a connected INTEGRA-7 sound module or JUPITER-80/-50 synth. Streamlined and mobile, the RD-64 delivers piano-action performance and impressive versatility for live playing, on-the-go composing, home studios, teaching labs, and beyond.


Roland RD64

Roland RD64 Flat

The Roland Boutique JX-03 module continues the legacy of the JX-3P synth. The original model was launched when button-driven interfaces were popular, so it was designed to give immediate access to preset sounds. It was actually highly programmable though, especially when used with the optional PG-200 controller that added 24 rotary knobs for instant sonic sculpting. The limited-edition 4-voice JX-03 inherits all 24 knobs from the PG-200, as well as the distinctive JX tonal character. We’ve also added some extras not present in the JX-3P including new waveforms, expanded DCO range and cross modulation options. You can even slide the JX-03 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience


Roland Boutique JX-03